Prices effective until 31st March 2021

Vehicle Fares

Cars & TrailersOne Way Flexible Fares ^
 *Standard Car**Large Car/4WDTrailer (per metre)
Super Premium $105.00 $114.00 $21.50
Premium $93.50 $103.00 $19.50
Standard $83.00 $92.50 $16.50
Off Peak $72.50 $81.00 $14.50
Off Peak Light $61.50 $70.00 $12.25
*Standard Car - up to 5.4m long under 2m wide. **Large Car/4WD - vehicle 5.5m to 6.4m long and under 2m wide.  ^Flexible Fares are based on travel date and time. Get a quote by entering your travel dates and vehicle type.
Other VehiclesOne Way Fares
Car or Motorhome 6.5m+ long (per metre) $17.60
Motorbike $30.00
Motorbike with side car $40.00
Mini bus (up to 6.4m long) $119.70
Mini bus (6.5m-8.4m long) $141.00
Coach (8.5m-13.4m long) $179.00
Coach (13.5m+ long)$197.00
Trucks & Commercial Vehicles (per metre)*$17.60

*Trucks & Commercial Vehicles - under 2.5m wide. Please request a quote for trucks greater than 2.5m wide.

Passenger Fares

Single Trip Return Trip Multi-Ticket (10 returns)
Adult $9.00 $17.00  $120.00
Child (5 - 14 years) $6.00 $11.00  $75.00
Student* $8.00 $15.00  $103.00
Concession* $4.50  $8.50  $60.00

Children 0 - 4 years of age are free of charge. 
Bicycles are free of charge with passenger ticket purchase.
*Must present a valid Australian Student or Concession card at time of purchase and travel.

30 Trip Ticket (30 Returns) cost $325.00

*A valid Australian concession or student card must be presented at time of purchase and travel. 

All prices subject to change without notice. Flexible Fares are subject to change based on date and time of travel until booked and paid. 

Ferries departs from Toondah Harbour, 12 Emmett Drive, Cleveland QLD 4163