Self-Ride Bicycle Tours

North Stradbroke Island is a beautiful area for cycling. With only moderate hills and bitumen roads, cycling can be fun for people of any age or fitness level. You can travel on either a water taxi or vehicle ferry to North Stradbroke Island, and your bike goes free of charge!

Alternatively you can hire bicycles from two different businesses on the island, it is best to choose the location for bike hire depending on your fitness level and where on the island you want to go to as the distances in between the townships and lakes are not to be underestimated. Still there are suitable trips for everybody.

Bike Hire is available a 5-10 minute walk from the ferry terminal at Straddie Super Sports. If you would like to explore the beautiful lakes of the island, hiring your bike in Dunwich is a good choice.

Brown Lake is a 4km ride from Dunwich. A daytrip to Brown Lake does not require a high fitness level and apart from a beautiful swimming area, there are also picturesque walking opportunities on which you might spot some of the island’s wildlife. There are also toilet facilities, BBQs and a playground located nearby.

Another alternative close by to Dunwich is Myora Springs. It is only 5 kilometers along East Coast Road to Myora Springs, which is located on the left hand side of the road. These springs have been a source of fresh water for thousands of years and still have an abundance of wildlife in the surrounding forest. There are no toilet facilities or water available.

Blue Lake is located slightly further away from Dunwich. It is 8.5 km to the car park of Blue Lake and another 5.2km return to walk to the lake. Obviously, this tour requires a certain level of fitness. Don’t forget to take enough water for the whole trip with you as there are no facilities at Blue Lake and the ride is quite far. The distance would add up to 17 kilometers cycling and about 5 kilometers walking in total.

The cycling distance from Dunwich to Point Lookout is 18km; when planning your cycling trip, bare in mind that you cannot take your bike on the bus and don’t underestimate return distances.

However, for more experienced cyclists, a daytrip to Point Lookout to visit the beach, or take in the sites of the North Gorge Walk is certainly a fantastic option.

Alternatively you can catch the island bus out to Point Lookout from Dunwich and hire a bike at the Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre on East Coast, near Adder Rock Beach. 

For explorers, the Island Heritage Trail is an adventurous opportunity to find out about the island’s rich history including aboriginal culture and the first European settlement. There are a variety of different places of interest across the island.