North Stradbroke Island Water Taxi Timetable

Trip time: 25 minutes

Monday to FridaySaturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Departs ClevelandDeparts DunwichDeparts ClevelandDeparts Dunwich
4:55 am (C)5:25 am  - -
5:55 am (C)6:25 am  -
6:55 am (C)7:25 am (PL)6:55 am (C)7:25 am (PL)
7:55 am (C) 8:25 am (PL)7:55 am (C)8:25 am (PL)
8:55 am (C)9:25 am (PL)8:55 am (C)9:25 am (PL)
9:55 am (C)10:25 am (PL)9:55 am (C) 10:25 am (PL)
10:55 am (C)11:25 am (PL)10:55 am (C)11:25 am (PL)
11:55 am (C)12:25 pm (PL)11:55 am (C)12:25 pm (PL)
12:55 pm (C)1:25 pm (PL)12:55 pm (C)1:25 pm (PL)
1:55 pm (C)2:25 pm (PL)1:55 pm (C)2:25 pm (PL)
3:25 pm (C)3:55 pm (PL)3:25 pm (C)3:55 pm (PL)
4:25 pm (C)4:55 pm (PL)4:25 pm (C) 4:55 pm (PL)
5:25 pm (C)5:55 pm (PL)5:25 pm (C)5:55 pm (PL)
6:25 pm (C)6:55 pm (PL)6:25 pm (C)6:55 pm (PL)
7:25 pm (F)7:55 pm (F)--

(C) = Connect with bus from Cleveland

(PL) = Connect with bus from Point Lookout

(F) = Friday Only

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
  • Timetables are subject to change without notice
  • No bookings required for Water Taxi