Stradbroke Water Taxi

Change to North Stradbroke Island passenger pricing

UPDATE: 6/12/2017

Effective from Friday the 8th December, we will be reducing the cost of the Adult Multi-Trip Ticket and 30-Trip Ticket.

The Adult Multi-Trip Ticket will be reducing from $112 to $104 total (or $10.40 return per ticket). The 30-Trip Ticket will be reducing from $312 to $300 total (or $10 return per ticket).

We have taken feedback received from island residents and regular travellers purchasing tickets in bulk, which has influenced this decision to decrease our multi ticket prices. 

Ticket TypePassenger Type
Single Trip $       7.00 $       4.00 $       6.00 $                  3.50
Return Trip $    14.00 $       8.00 $    12.00 $                  7.00
Multi Ticket (10 x returns) $  104.00 $    64.00 $    96.00 $                56.00
30-Trip Ticket (30 x returns) $  300.00 -  -  - 

* A valid Student or Concession ticket must be present at time of purchase or travel. 

PREVIOUSLY: 29/11/2017

We are delighted to announce that a fare restructure for passengers travelling to North Stradbroke Island will be effective from 1st December.

Alongside the fare restructure, free WiFi will be available on the fast water taxi and vehicle ferries with on board cafes.  

The new fare structure has been designed to give passengers more flexibility when deciding on when and how they’d like to travel to the island.

Stradbroke Ferries has a minimum of 24 departures per day, and operates two different ferry services to North Stradbroke Island; a fast water taxi for passengers only, and a vehicle ferry service with an air conditioned, on board café.

You can now purchase one passenger ticket available for travel on either service, depending on your preferences.

There are 15 water taxi departures daily between Monday and Friday, and 12 departures per day on weekends and public holidays. The trip across Moreton Bay is a quick 25 minutes, and an island bus service connects with 12 departures per day.

The vehicle ferry service departs between 12 and 15 times per day, with additional services during peak holiday times. You can sit upstairs in the air conditioned, on board cafes or take in the views from the upstairs decks. The trip is a relaxing 45 – 50 minutes, and whilst the buses aren’t designed to connect with the vehicle ferry arrivals, the wait times vary between 10 and 90 minutes for the next bus to Point Lookout.  

Ticket Type Passenger Type
Adult Child Student* Concession*
Single Trip  $       7.00  $       4.00  $       6.00  $                  3.50
Return Trip  $    14.00  $       8.00  $    12.00  $                  7.00
Multi Ticket (10 x returns)  $  112.00  $    64.00  $    96.00  $                56.00
30-Trip Ticket (30 x returns)  $  312.00  -   -   - 

* A valid Student or Concession ticket must be present at time of purchase or travel.