Straddie Residents are now defined by vehicles registered at a North Stradbroke Island address. Please complete the below NSI Vehicle Application Form, which should be returned to us with a copy of both sides of your current Vehicle Registration Notice/Certificate. 

Return the application form and a double-sided copy of the Registration Certificate/Notice to Stradbroke Ferries:

  • By post – PO Box 1439, Cleveland QLD 4163
  • By email – [email protected]
  • In person – to the Cleveland and Dunwich booking offices

To qualify for the islander discount this documentation must show that your vehicle is registered to your North Stradbroke Island address (the address displayed on the reverse of your registration notice). No more than two vehicles may be registered at each island address.

Your eligibility for the islander discount will be set to expire on the same date that your vehicle registration will expire bi-annually. We will send a renewal notification prior to expiry. Should you change vehicles at any time then it is important that you re-apply.

Your island vehicle registration number will be recorded against your customer profile in our reservations system and you will be notified by email once the application has been processed.

Changing your registered vehicles

In order to change a vehicle already registered with Stradbroke Ferries, please download and complete the below form;

The above form must be submitted with the vehicle Registration Certificate/Notice for new vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need to see both sides of by Vehicle Registration Certificate/Notice?
A: We require the first page of the Certificate/Notice to confirm the name and expiry date. The second page confirms the residential/business address at which the vehicle is permanently garaged.

Q: Are vehicles registered to an island business eligible for the island discount?
A: Yes, any vehicle that shows the residential/business address is on North Stradbroke Island is eligible for the island discount.

Q: Can my family travel at the island resident discount if they don’t live on the island?
A: No, only island vehicles registered as garaged at an island address are eligible for the discount.

Q: We have more than two vehicles registered to our address on the island. Are we able to have the discount on all of our vehicles?
A: We will only allow the discount to apply to two vehicles registered to an island address. Customers with more than two vehicles should contact the Customer Relations Manager for a separate assessment of their situation.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my Registration Certificate/Notice if I can’t find mine?
A: You can get a copy of the certificate from the North Stradbroke Island QGAP Office, located on 5 Ballow Road, Dunwich, or the Department of Transport and Main Roads. The closest TMR branch is located on Corner Bloomfield Street and Ross Court in Cleveland.

Q: If I have two vehicles registered on North Stradbroke Island under one name, how will you determine the expiry date of my island discount status?
A: We will record the latter of the two expiry dates.

Q: Does it make any difference if I’ve paid for Island only registration, or mainland registration?
A: No, if your principal place of residency is on North Stradbroke Island and your vehicle is permanently garaged at that address, then the vehicle is eligible for the island resident discount rate.

Q: What happens if I buy a new car before my discount eligibility expires?
A: Until the paperwork has been processed for the new vehicle, the vehicle will travel at standard rates.