We are pleased to announce that we have created a Ratepayer Discount category to recognise and respect all residents of North Stradbroke Island, including ratepayers who do not have Straddie as their permanent place of residence.

As a ratepayer (i.e. you own property on North Stradbroke Island but it is not your permanent place of residence), you are invited to apply for the Ratepayer discount by completing and submitting the Ratepayer Vehicle Application Form.

Please complete the below Application Form with a copy of your Redland City Council rates notice for your Straddie property and both sides of your current Vehicle Registration Notices/Certificates.

Return the application form, your Straddie Rates Notice and a double-sided copy of the Registration Certificates/Notices to Stradbroke Ferries:

Windscreen stickers will be provided for vehicles once the application has been processed. Any vehicles travelling without the authorised sticker will attract the standard (non-discounted) fare.

No more than two vehicles may be registered at each island address.

Your eligibility for the Ratepayer discount will be set to expire on the same date that your vehicle registration will expire. We will send a renewal notification prior to expiry.

Your nominated vehicle registration numbers will be recorded against your customer profile in our reservations system and you will be sent a windscreen sticker displaying the recorded registration number for your vehicle.

Changing your registered vehicles

In order to change a vehicle already registered with Stradbroke Ferries, please download and complete the below form;

The above form must be submitted with the following;

  • Stradbroke Ferries windscreen sticker for vehicle to be replaced
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate/Notice for new vehicle