Are there places to eat on these islands?
There are a number of nice cafes, a tavern and clubs on Russell and Macleay. Karragarra and Lamb islands do not have these types of facilities.

Are there shops available on the islands?
Russell and Macleay islands are the largest islands in the group and they have a variety of shops including convenience stores, bakery, bottle shop and other smaller shops. Lamb Island has a small convenience store where food, alcohol and ice can be purchased.  Karragarra is the only island that does not have any shops.

Are there swimming beaches on the islands?
All of the islands have a small area for swimming, with some of them having swimming enclosures. The most easily accessed beach from the vehicle ferry is Karragarra Island which has a charming beach and great BBQ facilities.

Can I carry freight on to the vehicle ferry service?
Freight can be carried on to the vehicle ferry service, however conditions and fees apply. 

Can I hire a car or bike on the islands?
Rental cars will have to be hired from the mainland and it is important that you inform the rental company that you are taking the vehicle to an Island. You are able to take your own bike to the island as the roads are suitable for recreational bike riders.

Can I take a caravan or trailer to the island and how much does it cost?
Caravan and trailers, which are attached to a vehicle, can travel to the Island. Please visit the Southern Moreton Bay Island Price List for the most up-to-date pricing.

Can I take my dog on the car ferry and are they permitted on the islands?
A dog may be taken on the vessel as long as it is either inside the passenger cabin of a vehicle (with the windows up enough so that it cannot bite another person) or wearing a properly fitted lead and muzzle. Dogs and other pets are permitted on the islands, however you should check with your accommodation provider to ensure that pets are allowed on their property.

Can I travel just as a passenger?
Although they are vehicle ferries, passengers can travel as walk on passengers. The cost is $6.00 one way for an adult and $3.00 one way for children.

Do I need a permit to take my car to these islands?
No permit is required to take a vehicle or travel to these islands

How do I get to the Southern Moreton Bay islands of Macleay, Russell, Lamb and Karragarra?
These islands are easily accessible by vehicle ferry which departs from 1 Weinam Street Redland Bay. These four islands all have sealed roads that are suitable for conventional vehicles and bike riders.  No 4WD vehicle is necessary and there are no suitable tracks or beaches for 4 Wheel Driving.  Bookings for the car ferry are essential.

How long does the trip take?
The vehicle ferry trips differ depending on the island that you are travelling to. The average trip to Russell Island is approximately 1 hour and to the other islands between 35 to 45 minutes.

Is there accommodation on the Bay Islands?
There is a variety of accommodation on all of the islands, with some offering budget style, rental houses, bed & breakfasts and a motel.

What activities can I do on these islands?
Although there are limited organised activities on the islands they are ideal for arranging your own adventure.  This can include taking a bike and cycling the islands, going bird watching or just travelling throughout the southern Moreton Bay islands enjoying the magnificent scenery.

What is the cost of travelling to these islands?
We offer both vehicle and passenger ferry transfers between the islands. Please visit the Southern Moreton Bay Island Price List for the most up-to-date pricing.

What sporting clubs are there on the islands?
Russell Island has a Bowls Club and Macleay Island has a Bowls Club and Golf Course.