Stradbroke Ferries’ commitment to North Stradbroke Island and the Southern Bay Islands extends over and above the Company’s supply of regular and reliable ferry services between the mainland and the islands.

The Company’s longstanding association with the islands has come with a considerable commitment to the local communities and those groups and organisations that exist within them. From the very beginning, Stradbroke Ferries has worked to foster strong relationships with these island communities and provide support in the form of contributions and in-kind donations to local groups and organisations.

We have provided significant financial contributions and support to the Elders and Indigenous community; sporting clubs; local schools; special events; emergency services such as the Rural Fire Brigade; essential services such as the daily newspapers and Australia Post; and much more.

Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club

The Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club was formed on the island in 1947 and with the advent of Stradbroke Ferries services in 1964, members of the Surf Club were offered discount travel rates. The Nippers have been an important part of the Surf Club and since the 1980s, the Company has provided free travel for the two buses each Saturday morning, which transport the growing number of mainland children who are part of the Club. It has been estimated that Stradbroke Ferries has contributed more than half a million dollars to the Club over the years.

Straddie Sharks Rugby League Club

The Straddie Sharks Club was founded over 20 years ago as a means to engage local families in the benefits of organized sport. The club exists on sponsorship alone and without the lifeline that Stradbroke Ferries has provided since the first game, the club would not have been possible.  North Stradbroke Island Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Coop Stradbroke Ferries, in partnership with the NSI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing Coop, has a long history of supporting the care facilities which come under the Coop’s umbrella, such as Nareeba Moopi Moopi Pa Aged Care Facility and Dunwich Respite Care Facility.

Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders

Stradbroke Ferries has a longstanding partnership with Aunty Margaret Iselin and the Elders of North Stradbroke Island and donates the transport of their minibus across to the mainland for functions and funerals. For Elders making their final voyage home to their island resting place, Stradbroke Ferries has always donated the transport of the funeral party and hearse free of charge.

Yulu Burri-Ba Medical Centre

Medical supplies, inoculations and pathology supplies are transported at no cost to and from North Stradbroke Island and in addition Stradbroke Ferries provides a collection point for the safe storage of medical supplies pending their pick up by Queensland Medical Laboratories. This service is provided to all medical centres and doctors on North Stradbroke Island.

Dunwich, Russell and Macleay Island State Schools and all State Schools in the Redlands

Support to the children of the Redlands, the Southern Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island is consistently provided in the form of heavily subsidized travel to school excursions and sporting events; donated transport of educational visits such as the “Life Be In It” Life Education Van and school community projects, and the regular donation of complimentary vehicle ferry tickets for use as fundraising prizes.

Bay Islands Community Services

Stradbroke Ferries provides subsidized travel for a number of community services on the Southern Bay Islands working to improve the lives of disadvantaged residents, such as Phoenix House and NAPCAN.

Stradbroke Ferries supports all community events on the Southern Bay Islands and North Stradbroke Island, providing discounted fares and complimentary tickets for use as fundraising prizes. The same support is also provided to community and charity events across the Redlands.

Emergency services are given priority travel where required, and with the flexibility of multiple voyages per day across the bay, Stradbroke Ferries is always able to respond to urgent requests at short notice.