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Closure of Frequent Floater Program - 5 January 15

We wish to advise that effective from the 1st February 2015 the Frequent Floater program will be discontinued. Any travel that is undertaken up to and including the 31st January 2015 will accumulate points towards the final balance, and will be registered against the Frequent Floater number.

In February customers will be advised of their total accumulated points balance and instructions for redemption by the 31st January 2016. All unused points as of that date will expire. Where there are sufficient points for a free trip these will automatically be awarded at the time of the next booking. If there aren’t sufficient points for a free trip then the points balance will be pro-rata towards the next trip.

If you are currently a North Stradbroke Island Island Resident Frequent Floater, please refer to the North Stradbroke Island Resident Registration page for instructions on how to apply for ongoing island resident discount.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why are you cancelling the Frequent Floater program?
A: Because we are introducing a new flexible fare structure to reflect when you travel, not who you are.
Q: What is the new flexible fare structure?
A: The flexible fare structure will be based on one way journeys, with varying price levels between voyages. The exact fare levels have yet to be determined.
Q: When will you be introducing the new flexible fare structure?
A: We have decided to delay implementation until after Easter. We aim to introduce the new fare structure on Monday 20th April, with details of the fares to be released by the end of February.
Q: Can I combine my voucher with someone else’s voucher?
A: No, vouchers are issued to individuals and cannot be combined.
Q: How do I redeem my points?
A: If you have sufficient points for a free trip, these will automatically be awarded at the time of your next booking. If you have any remaining points in surplus, or if your starting balance is not sufficient for a free trip, then the pro-rata value of these points can be redeemed towards your next trip.
Q: What is the pro-rata value of my points?
A: Your total accumulated points balance and their pro-rata value will be forwarded to you during the month of February once all final balances have been calculated.
Q: Can I cash my points in?
A: No, any remaining points must be used against travel. All unused points will expire on 31st January 2016.
Q: How long do I have to use my points?
A: Points will expire on 31st January 2016.
Q: Can I redeem my points online?
A: Yes, instructions on how to redeem your points online will be issued with your final balance during the month of February. Points can also be redeemed over the phone.
Q: What happens to my Frequent Floater customer number once I’ve used my points?
A: Your customer number will be retained, and you will be able to continue to use this along with your password for ease of online bookings, however you will no longer accrue Frequent Floater points.
Q: Do I have to use my points on the vehicle ferry or can I use it for passenger tickets or car parking?
A: Your points can only be redeemed against vehicle ferry bookings.

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